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Successful Knee Replacement Surgery of 83 year old patient

11 Mar 2021

Mrs. Shringarpure was brought to me in a wheelchair. She could not even walk one step. She had refused her knee replacement surgery for years! 
After counseling her she finally agreed for the surgery.
The challenge was her age. We do both knees in one sitting till the age of 75 if there are no major medical conditions. 
But here she was, 83 years old. We investigated her and found no major medical conditions.
We still were skeptical about doing 2 major surgeries in one sitting at age 83!
We spoke to the family and explained that doing 2 knees in one go would be good for her but obviously we would not take undue risks.
The final plan was to start one knee and if she did well during the surgery we would go ahead and do the second one at the same time.
Fortunately we could do both her knees in one go. She did not even need post-surgery ICU care!
We have a great anesthesia team at Global hospital, and without them this would have been impossible.
Instead of relatives we had tears in our eyes when she walked the very next day!
She went home in 5 days and when she came for a follow up I requested her to write a small story which would encourage other patients to undergo
knee replacement surgery even in their twilight years.
Here is her story written by her daughter in law. And her picture is worth a thousand words!
I remember Rajesh Khanna”s dialogue in the famous movie “Anand”……. Babu moshai “ Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi”.
Total Knee replacement surgery changes the quality of life! Go for it!.
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Dr Archik Successful Knee Replacement on 83 year patient
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