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Difficult Fractures

Case Study 1
Here is an interesting case which illustrates how timely treatment helps.

A 33 year old businessman from Baroda was travelling in an auto in Mumbai. The brakes failed and the auto crashed into vehicles in front. This patient suffered a wound in front of his knee and also a badlt shattered shin bone fracture. These are his pictures on arrival to the hospital.

These open fractures are known as compound fractures and are difficult to tresat. It can be seen that his fracture had multiple bone pieces. I used the famous “Ilizarov” or the “Russian” technique to fix the fracture.

I removed one of his rods which was holding his knee in a straight position at 6 weks and did a small procedure called “bone grafting”. At 6 weeks he could bend his knee to 90 degrees easily!

At 3 months his fracture united and he could walk with help of a stick. He discarded the stick in 15 days!

This is his final X-ray.

Take home message: Complex fractures need expert care

Case Study 2 

A 32 year old male fell off his bike and sustained a fracture to his leg bone (Tibia). His fracture had multiple pieces and his bone was plated (see post op x-ray).

Artificial bone is now available and was used to fill defects in his bone. He was without any plaster from day one! He walked with crutches till the fracture union. His complex fracture united in 3 months (see final X-ray).

But what is important is that he regained his full function in 3 months. You can see him sitting cross legged 3 months down the line and his video shows clearly how his knee bends!

Take home message: If latest implants are used early and effectively then full function is possible even if the fracture looks bad.
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