Foot and Ankle Treatment

Dr. Shreedhar Archik

We have a multifaceted approach to foot and ankle pain, conditions and treatment.

Foot & Ankle conditions we treat include :

• Calluses, corns, bunions ingrown toenails, heel spurs, infections.
• Ankle arthritis pain.
• Sports injuries.
• Ankle or foot trauma.
• Bone tumors.
• Diabetes-related foot problems.

Some of our treatments include :

• Medication.
• Physical therapy.
• Bunionectomy.
• Orthotics, braces and custom shoes.
• Flatfoot reconstruction.
• Fracture.
• Tendon repair/reconstruction.
• Deformity corrections (hammertoe).
• Hind/Midfoot/Toe fusion for arthritis.
• Cheilectomy.
• Ankle fusion & ankle replacement (arthritis).
• Achilles repair.
• Ankle arthroscopy.
• Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection.

If you have recently experienced an ankle or foot injury or suffer from pain associated with an ankle or foot condition, contact Dr. Archik to schedule an appointment with or orthopedic specialists to learn about your treatment options.
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