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Over the past decade, hip replacement surgery has proved to be a boon for people suffering from hip disorders and complications. It has also come across as a blessing for those who have been rendered immobile or disabled due to some serious hip problem or injury. These days, hip replacement surgery has become quite common and people do not fear the post-surgical repercussions as medical science has made tremendous advancements in the field. Right from the surgical procedure to the implants that are used in the surgery to the methods employed during and after operation, everything has undergone major improvement and thus, people are not scared of getting operated. However, they do look for qualified and credible surgeons to operate upon their body as hip replacement requires special expertise as well as experience in equal measure.

The good news is that there are many skilled surgeons and doctors in India who have performed successful hip replacement surgeries on patients from across the country as well as abroad. Mumbai is home to one such skilled surgeon and therefore, if you have a question revolving around hip replacement Mumbai or hip replacement surgeon Mumbai then Dr. Shreedhar Archik is here to help you out. He is among the most well-known surgeons in the field of hip, knee, and joint replacement Mumbai has to offer to people who come to the city looking for reliable surgeons and trustworthy centers where they can get affordable and quality surgical services. Till date, he has performed more than 3,000 successful hip surgeries and he has also been awarded with an M.Sc in orthopedics by the prestigious Oxford University. Dr Archik has trained abroad and comes armed with first-rate skills and rich experience. He is also accomplished in robotic and computer-assisted surgery; something that makes him such a sought-after name in this field.

As everybody knows, the success rate of computer-assisted and robotic surgeries is higher as they give the surgeons better control over the surgical equipment. This leads to more accurate results and this is why patients look for surgeons who have expertise in the modern methods of surgery. So, if you have a search query for hip replacement surgery Mumbai, you do not have to worry about finding a competent surgeon. Dr. Shreedhar Archik is a name that commands credibility and he is someone you can trust with blind eyes. He is among the best hip replacement doctors Mumbai houses and his clinic is also the best hip replacement center Mumbaibrings to the fore. So, what is it exactly that a hip replacement surgery encompasses?

As has been said above, hip replacement surgery is performed to cure disorders and problems related to the hip joints. In most cases, it is the elderly patients in 60-80 age group who need this surgery as their joints become weaker in old age. The weakness causes problems for such people which can range from pain to stiffness to immobility. To get rid of these problems, patients turn to this surgical procedure as it removes the damaged joints and replaces it with artificial implants made up of metal alloy. This surgical exercise brings back the joints to their normal working condition and thus, the patient gets cured. There is also an alternative to hip replacement surgery and it is called hip resurfacing. In this method, the damaged part is scraped off and replaced with a metal surface. It is different from the former in that it removes less bone but this method is less popular as the metal surface is known to cause damage to the soft tissues around the hip.

So, hip replacement is more prevalent and it is also advised by surgeons in the majority of cases. Nevertheless, patients who undergo this surgery should get their doubts and queries resolved before the operation as it will prepare them mentally for the post-operative period. It is true that hip replacement surgery is safer and comparatively more risk-free but like all surgeries, it is not entirely risk-free. Complications may arise after the surgery and if it is of serious nature, another surgery may also have to be performed. So, a patient should know this in advance. Also, the results of hip replacement surgery are not the same in every patient. This is because it is affected by the age, sex, nature of hip disorder and overall health condition of the patient. The other important aspect that affects the surgical results is how well the patient follows physiotherapy and the precautions prescribed for recuperation.

The more sincerely the patient follows them, the more positive outcomes he can expect, but when one has someone accomplished and astute like Dr. Archik as the surgeon, there is just no point getting anxious. You can come to his clinic without any hesitation as he is the among the top-rated hip replacement clinics Mumbai puts forward. What is more, he is associated with the best hospitals of the city and provides his services at all these centers. If one looks for hip replacement hospitals Mumbai offers that are not tough on the pockets then Dr. Archik’s clinic is the answer. He is also available at Lilavati, Hinduja, Global and Shushrusha Hospital and thus, one can avail his services quite easily.

Accurate diagnosis, quality care and thorough guidance have always been the guiding forces for Dr. Archik. He treats every patient as a special case, never compromising on time as he believes that a thorough discussion leads to accurate diagnosis. The trust of the patients matters to him more than anything else and hence, any patient coming to him is sure to find an excellent hip replacement surgeon Mumbai has been hosting for so many years. With him, you can be completely sure that you are in safe hands. So, do not think twice if you or your dear one is facing a hip joint problem. Just get in touch with Dr. Archik’s orthopedic Mumbai center and you will get all the support that you have been looking to find.
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