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Hip replacement surgeries in young …an inspirational story of Nikhil

There are times when we doctors learn from patients. Nikhil (surname withheld for obvious reasons).

Nikhil had a kidney failure in his teens. He required a kidney transplant in his early twenties. The transplant worked well but due to drug side effects both his hips were damaged. He meanwhile completed his studies and became a lawyer.

I met him when his kidney specialist referred him to me for hip replacements. He was accompanied by his father who was very supportive. Nikhil walked with a very slow speed and took baby steps. He had a noticeable limp and pain was written all over his face. He was scared to take any pain killers because he knew very well that pain killers cause kidney damage and he had a precious little kidney to protect. In short Nikhil was going through hell, as an youngster he could hardly do any activities without pain. He could not take any pain killers for obvious reasons. But Nikhil wanted to get back to a normal life as soon as possible.

I could sense the intelligence behind the baby face of Nikhil. He asked me all the relevant questions and then decided to undergo hip replacement surgery. We planned those 6 weeks apart. Nikhil’s attitude was so positive that his recovery was faster than the rest of hip replacement patients.

Nikhil was driving his car and attending courts within 2 months of his second hip replacement surgery.

Nikhil is a practicing lawyer now in Mumbai high court and one cannot make out that this guy under 30 years has undergone so many complicated surgeries in his brief life.

Any young patient who wants to undergo a hip replacement should talk to Nikhil. Two of my own patients who were not sure about surgery were supplied with Nikhil’s telephone number. Both of them came back and thanked me! Nikhil had given them so much positive energy that they not only underwent hip replacement surgeries but are back to normal activities.

One of them is a young boy of 27 and his name is Manoj. Manoj had to undergo chemotherapy for Leukemia (blood cancer). Manoj, like Nikhil suffered side effects of his drugs and his hips got damaged. Manoj had to quit his job when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Manoj comes from a middle class background and the treatment cost of his chemotherapy took a heavy toll on his finances. He was very scared because he had no job and wanted to start earning quickly. I did both hip replacement surgery and Manoj, too, is back to normal. Manoj gives lot of credit to Nikhil for convincing him to undergo surgery. Manoj is now an earning member of his family.

I have another young 27 year old guy,Prashant, from Pune. A system analyst from Wipro, Prashant’s hips became arthritic due to avascular necrosis of femur. Prashant too underwent both hip replacement surgeries .Prashant used a novel method to thank me. He drove his car non stop from Pune to Mumbai . He had not driven his car for 2 years. He could not even ride a motor bike for 2 years and was dependent on his friends for transport.

So hip replacement surgery in young individuals is not only safe but puts these youngsters back in the fast lane of life.

If you have to undergo a hip replacement surgery, please talk to these super heroes and find out how the surgery changes their life. Forever.

These guys would be happy to talk to you. I will give their contact details during your outpatient visit. For confidentiality purpose their numbers are given to prospective patients only and after seeking their permission.
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