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Over the years, knee replacement surgery has become quite popular among patients suffering from knee problems. One very strong reason that has contributed to this phenomenon is the advancement medical science has made in this field. Today, not only surgeons are better qualified, they also have access to robots and computers that have changed the face of knee replacement surgery. These aids have brought in the much-needed accuracy and precision that was missing in the earlier years. No wonder, what was once an uncommon surgical phenomenon that very few resorted to has become a common surgical exercise that a large number of people resort to as a treatment for their knee problems. Also, knee problems have been on the rise for some time as the number of elderly people has increased, courtesy longer lives that people have come to lead because of better lifestyles.

Today, people do not hesitate to go for surgery if they feel hampered by knee problems such as pain and stiffness but this was not the case some decades back. The history of knee replacement surgeries dates back to 1970s when doctors started taking baby steps in this direction and in the initial years, the implants that doctors used in the surgery did not enjoy a long life. At best, they lasted a decade and thus, the success rate of surgeries was also low. Also, patients refrained from getting under the knife as they were not sure about the repercussions of the surgery. However, thing have changed in the past decade as now the implants last for twenty years and even more in some cases, thereby, making knee replacement surgery a safer and risk-free treatment.

This is why knee replacement surgeries are increasingly being performed by surgeons across the globe and an estimate says that by 2030, doctors would be performing around 4.5 lakh surgeries a year. When it comes to India, it is among the topmost countries where such surgeries are performed on a large scale. The availability of qualified surgeons and affordable healthcare has made India a favorite destination for people seeking knee replacement surgeons. Many who want to get their knees back to their healthy and mobile self come to India for surgery.

India has a large pool of skilled and specialist surgeons who have carved a niche for themselves in this segment and Dr. Shreedhar Archik is one such name who is synonymous with expert knee replacement surgery Mumbai. Anyone who has a query about knee replacement Mumbai or joint replacement Mumbai can bank on the expertise of Dr. Archik as he comes armed with years of experience and unmatched skills in this field. He is proficient in robotic surgery and has trained in the UK for years to become a master of knee replacement, joint replacement and hip replacement operations. He has been awarded by the Oxford University with an M.Sc in orthopedics for his ground-breaking work in the field of limb lengthening. It is hardly any surprise that he is one of the topmost names associated with best orthopedic Mumbai surgeon.

Till date, he has performed more than 10,000 knee replacement surgeries on people facing various degrees of knee problems and he has been also associated with top hospitals like Hiduja and Lilavati Hospital. So, he is undoubtedly one trustworthy and competent knee replacement surgeon Mumbai can offer to those seeking expert surgeons. His Orthopedic Care Clinic is an ideal knee replacement center Mumbai houses and thus, anyone who wants reliable, affordable and expert surgery can consult him and rest assured that his knees would get suitable treatment at a suitable price.

This is because Dr. Archik believes that every patient who comes with a knee replacement query is special and has unique requirements that can only be addressed with proper diagnosis. So, proper diagnosis is very important as it helps in determining the type of surgery that would heal the knee of the patient in the best way possible. For ex, elderly women coming for knee replacement surgeries require different kind of implants in comparison to men. Also, not every surgery is similar. It differs from patient to patient depending on the type of repair needed to get the knee back to its normal position.

Nevertheless, in most patients, the doctors follow the standard procedure of knee surface replacement in which the irregular surface around the knee is scraped off and replaced with a new surface, courtesy the implant. This implant is made up of metal and plastic and is completely, tissue-friendly. The human body can tolerate it without any problem as it does not create any type of friction inside the knee. The best part is that the surgery is not serious in nature and the patient normally gets discharged from the hospital in five days. Most importantly, physiotherapy begins within 48 hours and the patient is able to stand on the third day.

However, during the post-operative days, patients have to follow certain precautions and use support for walking. Physiotherapy and exercise also need to be followed and if a patient does so, he gets back to normal life in two months. At Dr. Archik’s clinic, complete care is provided to the patients and it is easily among the best knee replacement clinics Mumbai city has in store. So, whether you are an elderly person suffering from knee problem or someone with a troubling knee, you do not have to worry about quality knee replacement hospitals Mumbai brings to the table.

With Dr. Shreedhar Archik out there, you are in the hands of the best knee replacement doctors Mumbai offers. Competent, experienced and thoughtful; he is everything a patient looks forward to finding in an ideal doctor. At Dr. Archik’s orthopedic center, you are guided step by step about the whole surgical procedure and we make sure to reach out to you at the earliest. Therefore, there is just no reason for you to worry. Once you come under the umbrella of our treatment, you can expect to move out of the hospital on your own knees with a smile on your face.

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