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Dr Shreedhar Archik - Orthopedics Surgeon Mumbai Dadar

Many patients are under the impression that they can not fold their knee after a knee replacement surgery! A standard total knee replacement patient is able to bend up to 120 degrees! However there are new designs in the market which allow more bending (flexion) and are known as “High Flex” designs. They cost marginally more but the results are impressive. Here is a picture of a lady who underwent a right total knee replacement 2 years ago with the standard design and the left knee was operated by me in February 2006 using the latest design.

One can appreciate that just 3 weeks after surgery (note the fresh scar) she can bend her knee much more than her right knee!

The gentleman is 78 years old and has similar operation i.e. right knee replaced 4 years ago and left (latest design) 6 months ago.

Here is another lady who is 79 and sitting cross legged one month after surgery!

So age is no bar!
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