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Joint Replacements
About 7 crore Indians are suffering from knee related problems. Evidence suggests that women have a higher incidence of OA than men, and overall have an incidence of 2.95 per 1000 population, compared with 1.71 per 1000 population in men.

40% of people over 70 years suffer from Knee Osteoarthritis (OA), 80% of patients with Knee OA have some degree of limitation of movement, and 25% cannot perform their daily activities Patients with Knee OA experience decrease in quality of life.
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Spine Surgeries
Back and neck pain are commonest causes for a patient’s visit to an orthopedic surgeon. Only 2% patients require surgery! Most of the patients need to be taught correct postures and exercises. Advances in technology now allow one to get an artificial disc implanted……
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Modern day fast life has taken its toll. We now get more road traffic accidents than ever. Fortunately technology has taken giant strides and newer implants get the patients on their feet very early.
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