Mr. Galgali , Patient
I am Mr. Galgali from Airoli. I recently got both my knees replaced by Dr. Shreedhar Archik. I must admit that I am one of the guys who get scared even if the word hospital is uttered! I am 68 years old and the knee pain was disturbing my daily routine. I tried all drugs and physiotherapy but I used to get temporary relief. Then I heard about Dr. Shreedhar Archik. I met him at his clinic in Shivaji Park. He gave me 45 minutes of his time explaining the whole surgery. I realized that once I really got to know what I was getting into I felt a bit better. Then came the question of money as I am a retired reserve bank employee. I then realized that I would save 75,000 rupees if I got both my knees operated at one stage! Here I was scared of one surgery and Dr. Archik was telling me to get both done at the same time! I felt more scared. He then gave me telephone numbers of patients who had similar surgeries done. Speaking to them increased my confidence. I finally went ahead and got both my knees replaced at the same time at the Lilavati hospital. Now I walk with no pain, I can climb stairs and here I am sitting cross legged! My life has turned a new corner. I do not take any medicines. My advice to all knee sufferers is “get the knee replacement done” it will change your life. Call me if you want to ask any questions on 27690195.
Jul 30, 2018
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