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We keep hearing about key hole surgeries for appendix and gallbladder, and close to my specialty the arthroscopy of various joints. However, no one talks about  minimally invasive surgeries for a fracture. 
Recent technological advances now have made fracture surgeries also less invasive. Less invasive means minimum surgical cuts and as you can guess minimum cut means less pain and hence faster recovery. Explain more from Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai , Dr. Shreedhar Archik
Let’s understand it better with an example
The x-ray below is of Ashish (name changed) a 32-year-old delivery boy for a food company who met with a bike accident and broke his tibia (leg bone)


His bone was broken just above the ankle and the fracture looked like a spiral going way up. I used the minimal incision technique and he had only a few cuts as  you can see from the picture below.


But now if you see his x-ray below you will understand how long a plate, he needed for a secure fracture fixation and compared to the plate how tiny the 4 cuts are!


No wonder he recovered fast to get back to work in 4 months. Normally the ankle would get stiff after such a major surgery but see his video at 6 weeks. He had 
normal ankle movements.

He hardly needed any painkillers after the first week! 
So, yes, we can do minimally invasive surgeries even for fractures! This means rapid recovery and one can get back to work very quickly.
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